The best life coach I could have chosen

Being a stay home mom, I did not think of myself, I gained so much weight, I had low self esteem and basically working out wasn’t part of my daily routine. Until this past summer,… Read more «The best life coach I could have chosen»


Choose Pascaline!

As someone who had never really trained before, Pascaline was a great trainer for me. She eased me into the work and into getting more in touch with my body. Pascaline pushed me the perfect… Read more «Choose Pascaline!»

Nasha K.

Pascaline was incredible!

Tiger Kaufman

I came to her at a time during my modeling career when my body starting changing with my metabolism, and I needed help making specific measurement requirements. She quickly helped whip me into shape. She… Read more «Pascaline was incredible!»

Tiger Kaufman