As someone who had never really trained before, Pascaline was a great trainer for me. She eased me into the work and into getting more in touch with my body. Pascaline pushed me the perfect amount, doing high intensity training. After the first session, I was so sore, but my body felt like it was vibrating all of the next day! Pascaline also encourages veganism, which I really admired– the food we put into our bodies is so important for both getting a fitter body and a healthier mind. Pascaline was warm, friendly, and flexible. I thought it was awesome that we could meet at a park to do all the same workouts you’d do at a gym. She provides equipment, music, and support! I had trouble remembering the workout routine, so she wrote it up for me in an email, which was very kind and helpful. She also helped me with my form when it came to exercise– cardio, lifting, and stretching. If you need a great workout with a supportive soul by your side– choose Pascaline!!