What Is Tea?Tea Beverage

Tea is a hot drink made by infusing the dried crushed leaves of the tea plant in boiling water. Interesting fact, it is the most consumed beverage in the world after water. The tea plant, Camellia Sinensis  comes from the southwest of China. It exists many tea variety: green tea, white tea, black tea… Each variety has different properties and especially different caffeine levels. In this article, I will try to explain why caffeine can be dangerous to your health and what is the best way to remove it from your tea.

Caffeine In Tea

Caffeine is a molecule that you can find in coffee but also in tea, cacao and other aliments. It is a stimulant of the central nervous system. Tea caffeine is not as powerful as the one from coffee. However you should watch out, tea caffeine has longer effect. A  cup of coffee will boost your central nervous system for about 2 hours, but a cup of tea will boost it for at least 5 hours. Here is a tab I created about caffeine content in tea and coffee.


Caffeine Content

1 cup Arabica Coffee

60mg/ 150ml

1 cup Robusta Coffee

150mg/ 150mL

Green tea

35-45mg/ 230mL

Black Tea

40-70 mg/ 230mL

Decaffeinated Tea

12mg/ 230mL

White Tea

15-30mg/ 230mL

As we can see, One cup of Arabica coffee contains as much caffeine as one cup of black tea.

*Information that you don’t really need to know but that you are gonna know: The name caffeine was picked because this molecule was first found into Coffee. So If anyone try to tell you that theine is different than caffeine this person is wrong!

The Effects Of Caffeine

StressCaffeine may have positive and negative effects

Positive actions: It improves endurance, physical activity, coordination, rapidity of action and help to lose weight by increasing your basal metabolism.

Negative actions: It increases stress and anxiety, reduce sleep quality, increase heart rate and stomach acidity. It also has diuretic effect that can lead to calcium loss. Furthermore It creates addiction…

The problem is that people sensible to caffeine, generally only feel the negative effects. When it is the case, caffeine can really provoque some hight tachycardia attack, anxiety and stress sensation.

How to remove Caffeine From your Tea

First, you can buy decaffeinated tea. If you choose this option, your tea will contain only 12mg of caffeine per 230mL. Nevertheless, you will not have many tea choices, just few teas are decaffeinated. Moreover, decaffeinated tea is highly processed, industrial uses chemicals to remove caffeine form your tea and it may not be the healthiest and natural choice at the end.


A better option, is to remove the caffeine of you tea by your own. Up to 50 percent of the caffeine in the leaf is released during the 1st min your tea had infused. In order to remove 50% of this caffeine, you will just have to remove the first water and refill your cup. Your tea will still have some caffeine but way much less. Using this process allows you to stay away from chemical products used into decaffeinated tea and to choose your favorite tea perfume.


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