Have you ever traveled to Greece? I did and I am on my way back there. While I was collecting information about this country, I rediscovered their traditional food. Greek gastronomy is excellent, they have various dishes, and they are all so delicious… Moussaka is one of them. Generally made of meat, moussaka is the most traditional warm dish in Greece. I revisited it in a vegetarian version since I am myself an lacto-ovo-pescatarian.

The result, an excellent moussaka, rich in fibers and protein. Low in fat, instead of the real moussaka with meet, this version is weight loss friendly. Even though , I will not recommend to eat it on a daily basis, it contains too much saturated fat ( thanks to the cheese).

Moussaka Plate

This moussaka tastes like the real one, it is soft and juicy with a crusty touch (thanks to the cheese again hehe). The texture soy proteins don’t mess up the taste of the dish since they absorbed most of the juice savor.

In conclusion, I am quite proud of this recipe, I am not sure an authentic greek will confirm it tastes like a traditional moussaka but who knows… Maybe I should try to share this recipe over there to see what Greek people think about it. Right now, one thing is sure, my little family loved it, and it’s all that counts.

Vegetarian Moussaka With Textured Soy Protein TSP

Course: Main Dish | Cuisine:  Mediterranean

Servings : 6 |  Prep Time : 10 min |  Cook Time: 40 min


3 eggplants

2 potatoes

200 g textured soy protein

2 1/2 Tbsp tomato paste

1 onion

150 g emmental

200 mL vegetable broth

200 mL vegetal milk

20 g Butter

20 g flour

1 garlic clove

1 laurel leaf

salt and pepper

  1. Peal and clean your potatoes
  2. Cut in thin slices your eggplant
  3. In a big pan, boil the potatoes and steam the eggplant. It will take around 15-20 min.
  4. Soak the texture soy into some warm water.
  5. Cut the onions in thin slices
  6. Fry the onions in a pan for 2 min
  7. Remove the water from the texture soy protein and add them into the pan. Fry it for 5 min
  8. Add slowly the vegetable broth and the tomato paste into the pan. Spice it with salt, pepper and the laurel leaf.
  9. Cover this mixture and let it cook slowly
  10. Check on your vegetables, make sure they are cooked. Reserve it on the side.
  11. Start the bechamel: In a sauce pan, put the butter and let it melt at slow re. When melted, add all the our into it and stir fast ( if needed take it out of the re) Add little by little the vegetable milk, whisk well to avoid lumps. Let it cook until you get the perfect texture. Spice it with salt and pepper and add a tsp of tomato paste The perfect texture is not too liquid but not to thick too.
  12. Warm up the oven at 190°C ( 375°F)
  13. Mount your Moussaka: Slice the potatoes. Cover the base of a cooking dish with the potatoes. Top the potatoes with half of your eggplants. Cover it with the tomato mixture sauce. Add your second half of eggplant. Cover this last layer with the bechamel. To finish, top the whole preparation with your emmental cheese
  14. Put the preparation in the oven for at least 10 minutes. Take it out when brown.
  15. Enjoy your hard work with a nice green salad on the side



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