William Testimonial NutrispiritI trained with Pascaline for about 1 year. My main goal was to lose weight and gain in suppleness. I quit sport for years and I really wanted to feel more comfortable in my own body. Since I didn’t know how to start such stuff, I decided to contact a personal trainer, thus I met Pascaline. At first, It was hard and Pascaline had been very demanding. We talked a lot  about my diet and step by step we started to make some sustainable changes. Today, I am more conscious about healthy food and I can maintain my actual weight without feeling any restriction. To lose weight, she made me run a lot and I did it in open place (forest, parks..). But I had low flexibility and It took time to be more at ease. She made me do Yoga! I thought It was just for relaxation but I was wrong. After some months, I really gained in flexibility. I achieved my goals but I did it only also because I changed my diet. I‘d recommend Pascaline as a trainer because she goes straight to the point, she really listen to you and personalize her training plan to your abilities and your goals.


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