“To be honest I have never feared training. My only problem was to find the time and the motivation to do it.

Pascaline helped me to find the time and the motivation. But above all, she made me understand the commitment that a good training requires.

My goal was to be stronger in order to get better at my job. I am cinematographer, I work with heavy cameras that I have to handle for long takes.I showed to Pascaline what my job requires, which positions and movements I was doing normally. She understood easily my weak points and the areas I needed to focus on.

After only 3 months of training with her, I have got stronger legs. Now I can hold hard positions at work without shaking or suffering. My abs are stronger too and I can finally see them. My arms are fit and powerful, I can lift and hold heavy things easily.

As an anecdote, I would like to say that before I trained with Pascaline, I could not go up the Culver City stairs without stopping at least 3 times. Now I can go up and down twice without stoping. I felt so happy and proud this day, I will never forget it.”

Ona Isart


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