Being a stay home mom, I did not think of myself, I gained so much weight, I had low self esteem and basically working out wasn’t part of my daily routine. Until this past summer, I decided to invest in myself and I joined a local gym; here comes the exciting part I met Pascaline who became a very important part of my new lifestyle. I felt really comfortable working out with her, everyday I looked forward to meet for my session. Since I started working out and training with her I have dropped two dress sizes: It may not seem a lot but for someone like me, not used to move a muscle, it means a step closer to my goal. Pascaline is not just a “trainer”, she is a friend a sidekick, she is the main link between an unhealthy (in my case) you and a new you. Rome wasn’t built in a day but with her support, advice and a clear goal in mind, she can and will get you to reach your goal.

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