Summer is heaven for fruit lovers. More than 25 types of fresh seasonal fruits are present on our market stalls. Among them, 10 can be found fresh only in summer. However, only 6 of them are in my summer seasonal fruit list recommendation and they are: blackcurrant, melon, redcurrant, apricot, raspberry and blueberry. Now, let me explain you why.

My Summer seasonal fruit list recommendation



This tiny little currant has a strong sour taste that may repel at the first sight, but don’t reject it, blackcurrant is one of the healthiest fruits. First of all, it is the richest fruit in Vitamin C, it contains more than 181 mg Vit C /100 g – around 226% RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance). So 3 times more than the amount found in 100 g of orange. It is also an excellent source of fibers, 6 g / 100 g. One blackcurrant portion, covers ¼ of your fiber RDA. Besides, blackcurrant is a good source of potassium and Vit E, essential elements to protect our cells and ensure body functions. But above all, this little fruit is the richest in polyphenols, organics chemicals that help to prevent cancers. So add it to your yogurt, smoothies, sauces, pies and cake and boost your body.


The odd one, why? because melon is not a real fruit, it belongs to the cucurbit family ( zucchini, pumpkin..). But by its characteristics, we consider it as a fruit. And in my point of view, it is one of the best one. I cannot resist to a melon appetizer in summer. Rich in water and sugar, it feels like an internal cold shower during warm days. Actually melon may seem a sugary fruit but it is not as sugary as other fruits, like pineapple, mango or banana. So it fits perfectly to any weight loss diet. Besides that, melon is rich in vitamins and minerals. For instance, it brings around 30% Vit A and C RDA and 15% Potassium and Selenium RDA.


How to choose your melon? It is not as easy but I will give you 4 tips:

  1. It must weight a lot
  2. The more it smells the more it is mature
  3. Its peel must be supple
  4. The stem should be easy to remove


redcurrantAcid and refreshing redcurrant is all you can dream about in summer. When you buy it, try to consume it fast since they are quite fragile. As Blackcurrant, Redcurrant is rich in Vit C, around 45g/100g. Which make it a great source. Redcurrant is also rich in fibers, 1 portion of it, brings as much fibers as 1 portion of whole wheat bread. Besides, Redcurrant contains organic acids, molecules that improve digestion.

Tip: Redcurrants are excellent mashed in a sauce with a inch of sugar to break their acidity.


Oh my god, my favorite, my love, I cannot live without apricot in my life. Its texture, its savor, its sweetness and its freshness brings me to paradise each time I bite it. As you can understand, apricot is my favorite fruit in this summer seasonal fruit list recommendation. Mainly because I like the taste but also because it brings a lot of Vitamin A. It is one of the richest fruit in Vit A, 2 medium apricots bring around 50% of our RDA. Vitamin A is essential to keep a healthy skin, so indispensable during summer. Apricot is also one of the richest fruit in mineral and in trace elements ( like cobalt, copper, fluorine, iodine, iron, manganese and zinc)


How to conserve it? Try to eat them as soon as possible since this incredible fruit is really sensible. I will recommend to keep it in a basket for 2-3 days max. And, during warm day, you’d better keep it in the fridge.



Sensual and fleshy this fruit is excellent as a dessert. Its sweet and soft taste is excellent by itself but also goes well in any smoothie, yogurt, pie or cake. Raspberries can have many colors but the most common one is pinkish. Nutritionally speaking, raspberries are low in calorie and rich in water. Like other berries, they are rich in fibers, around 6 g / 100 g and rich in Vit C around 30% RDA. But they out stand by their manganese content, around 30% of RDA. Manganese helps us to maintain our bones tissues and to recreate other body tissues. They are also the third richest fruit in polyphenols, thus, I recommend to eat them to prevent cellular degeneration. Like redcurrant, they also contain organic acids. Personally, raspberry will appear in my top 3 summer seasonal fruit list recommendation.


Juicy, soft and tender, this tiny little fruit is extremely trendy in USA. People like to add  them to their yogurts, smoothies and pies. I personally don’t eat them really often but I really do think they can be a cool twist to your diet. When you buy it, always check out the package and make sure they are not smashed. Then conserve it in the fridge for about 1 week no more. Blueberry are the less nutrient dense berry; they have good general qualities. They offer a moderate amount of fibers and vitamins. They are a bit richer in sugars than over berries. And like Raspberries, they are an interesting manganese source 17% RDN. So if you like their taste, just go for it because nutritional content is one thing and one other is pleasure.



As you may have noticed, berries outnumber other summer fruits by their nutritional values. They are a nutrient gold mine. Thus, try to eat a least one portion of berry per week during summer.

Now that you know my summer seasonal fruit list recommendation, pick up the fruits you like the most in it and incorporate them more often to your daily diet. Any of them will provide you great nutritional content. But don’t forget, even thought this summer seasonal fruit list recommendation gather the best nutritive fruits, the pleasure of eating remain the most important. Thus, savor other summer fruits like peach, watermelon, blackberry, nectarine, fig and plum.

Summer seasonal fruit list

Summer Seasonal Fruit List

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