One session is more than just some exercises, it is a push, a shot of energy. All of these to get to your goal adequately and safely. According to your need, we will work on your flexibility, strength, endurance, cardio… I will always carry the material that we need to get the best results.

Enjoying the hard work with William Wermeister

How one session goes?

Generally, it last around 45 min to an hour. We always start with an active warm-up from 5-10 min in order to prepare your body to the exercises. Then comes the fun part, a session of various exercises that I preselected according to you, your level and your objectives. I will always be there, having an eye over you, to verify your form and to cheer you up. Then we finish by a calm part, where we take the time to relax and talk about the training in order to prepare and adjust better the next one.

One-On-One Private Training

It is just you and I. The best way to get some fast results because all my attention is on you.

Nutrispirit 1 on 1 Personal training Cueing

Team Training

A good way to get more motivation is to train with friends, so don’t be shy, ask your partner, your coworkers, your family or a random person to train with you.

Group Training

Online Training

No extra time to go to the gym or to workout with a trainer? Traveling a lot? You’d rather train by yourself at home or in a park? I will make sure your training is efficient and worth it. A questionary and a fitness assessment will be send to you in order to discover your strengths and weaknesses. I will then customize a specific workout plan according to your needs and your fitness level. I will also keep you motivated during your journey, it is easy to have a paper in hand but it is harder to put it in action.


Now that you know everything, contact me for your first training