Anyone has ever felt: Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) After exercising. DOMS is the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after unaccustomed or strenuous exercise. The soreness peak is located between 24 hours – 72 hours but it can last for a week. Don’t worry, this soreness is just the result of muscle micro traumas caused by exercising. The more your exercise, the more you accustom to it. Some of us love it: “I worked hard yesterday, I can feel it” and some other hate it: ” Why did I train yesterday… I can barely move”. These are the typical sentences I can hear around me. So, is there any way to avoid or decrease this pain? the answer is yes, then read carefully.



Post Workout Stretching : An Urban Legend

Unlike popular belief, Stretching does not reduce DOMS. Think about it, If you have a ripped tissue, would you pull on it or try to shrink it? The answer is clear, shrink it to minimize the damage. It is the same thing here, stretching the muscle will not reduce the pain from the micro traumas. However, stretching may help to recover more mobility and reduce muscle stiffness.

Bad Stretching

Drink Smartly

First of all, drink enough during but also after any activity. Hydratation is essential to any post workout recovery. H2O (water) is a key molecule to many reactions in our body. Hence, we need H2O to recreate more muscle, remove body waste and to sustain body work.

Lemon Water

Eat well

Furthermore, proper nutrition is another key to ease soreness. Your body needs to rebuilt his tissus to get stronger. That’s why you need to to provide the adequate macronutrients and micronutrients to your body. I can help you to do this; my nutrition consulting services includes: personalized meal plan according to your activities and eating habits, nutrition tips and recipes ideas.

Healthy Salad


Active Recovery

Moreover, don’t be a couch potato the days you are not working out. On the contrary, try to practice active recovery. For example, go walking, biking, running or swimming, pick a low pace activity just high enough to get your blood moving. It will help reduce residual fatigue in your muscles and improve your adaptation to effort.


Cold Shower

Researches also proved that Cold Water Immersion reduce muscle soreness 24 hours post exercises.Therefore, get ready to shiver a little bit under your shower.

Cold Shower

Post workout recovery is always tricky but if you adopt the right habits, it will ease the process. Drinking water, eating well, practicing active recovery and taking a cold showers a 4 ways to recover faster and reduce Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Therefore try it, adopt it and reduce your sport hangover.


Sources: tensless supplement chocolate milk good C/P ration postworkout protein may help to prevent offset recovery

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