Pascaline Pouzols, the founder of Nutrispirit, is an international certified personal trainer and dietician based in Barcelona, Spain.  Nutrispirit offers clients around the globe a natural, healthy and sustainable path to their fitness goals. 

My Story

Like many of you, my path to fitness and a healthy lifestyle was winding.  Hailing from France, I come from a place where food is as inherent to our culture as language.  Many of my fondest memories were spent around a dinner table.  As a child, I also spent much of my time outdoors—rock-climbing, skateboarding, hiking, biking and playing volleyball. My love of being active, combined with my interest in science, led me to a degree in sport sciences, followed by an advanced degree in nutrition.

Early in school, though I was learning the science of how to be healthy, I soon lost track of the art of health.  I stopped eating well and exercising. Most of my day was spent sedentary, leading to weight gain and lower energy levels. The stress of school, work, and personal life were taking its toll. Until one day, I looked in the mirror. I didn’t recognize the person staring back at me.  Some of you may have experienced this moment—when you look yourself in the eyes and realize you are not who you want to be. That’s when I made a decision.  

Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing – My passion

I decided to be who I wanted to be—a healthy, active person committed to my wellbeing.  I began to exercise every day, closely monitoring my food intake, until I lost every pound I had gained. But then I kept going. I became obsessed with my diet and training, so much so that I isolated myself from family and friends. This lifestyle even became dangerous to my health.

This was when I learned the importance of balance. Not just in food and exercise, but in everything you do. Your body is not your enemy; your fitness is not a battle to be won or lost. Rather, health and wellness are life-long journeys that we travel, along with our jobs, families, friends, stresses, and everything else we balance day-to-day.  My goal is to help you along that journey by offering a variety of nutrition and fitness services, aimed at building a healthier and happier you.  Services include personalized diet plans, in-person workout sessions, and detailed workout plans—whatever you need to achieve your goals, on your schedule.

Mission Statement

Nutrispirit aims to listen, support and push you towards your own healthy lifestyle. My training sessions are custom tailored to your fitness level and overall needs; I meet you where you are. My nutrition plans are adapted to your health, situation and conviction. I believe a healthy body comes with a healthy mind and balanced lifestyle. If you are ready to start your journey to a happier, healthier you, Nutrispirit is here to lead the way.

Pascaline Pouzols Hiking Colorado
Hiking In Colorado Mountains