The Lassi is a traditional drink from India. It is a flavored iced yogurt drink that may be either sweet or salted. We can add fruits, spices or herbs but the mango Lassi is the most popular version.

Frozen Mango Lassi

Easy and fast drink to prepare

This drink is easy and fast to prepare and does not require many ingredients, just yogurt and mango. I recommend to buy fresh mangos during the season, cut them in cubes and freeze it. Thus, you will always use a fresh and tasty fruit in your Lassi and trust me, it will definitely improve the taste. But be meticulous, don’t freeze a mango that is not ready!  in that case the taste may be off.


Vegan version

Since my Frozen Mango Lassi version is vegan, I do not use any yogurt. Instead of it, I use Silk protein nut milk, a tasty, thick and slightly sugary, non-dairy beverage.

slik protein nut milk

You could also use unsweetened soy milk, that works perfectly but the consistency will be slightly different.

Healthy Drink

Above all, this Frozen Mango Lassi is healthy, rich in nutrient and proteins. I will recommend it as a dessert but also as a post workout drink. Its high carb and protein content will help to recover better and faster.

Moreover, the taste is fantastic, I love to get one at night while watching a movie. So don’t wait longer, try it and adopt it.

Iced Mango Lassi Post Workout Drink Recipe

Dessert | Indian Cuisine

Servings: 2 | Prep Time: 3 min

  • 1/2 cup Frozen Mango
  • 1 1/2 cup Silk protein nut milk or unsweetened soy milk
  1. Easy, you add both ingredient to the blender and blend. Ready! Easy isn’t it?

Written by Pascaline Pouzols, personal trainer and nutritionist, Barcelona.

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