Flexitarian is a term that defines “casual vegetarian”, basically people that mostly eat a plant based diet. However, they have cheating days, when they eat meat, fish or any other animal products. This trend recently emerge, people get more conscious about the impact animal stocks make on our planet. Cowspiracy is a good movie to watch to know more about this subject. Moreover vegetarian diet became a la mode in our developed countries. A vegetarian diet includes grains, pulses, legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, fungi, algae, yeast and other non-animal-based foods with or without, dairy products, honey and/or eggs. Vegetarianism that also excludes dairy products, honey and eggs is called veganism. Veganism is quiet restricting since you cannot eat any products coming from animals. All of this generally leads people to opt for a more flexible vegetarian diet: flexitarism.

Vegetarism: Pro And Cons

As you may know, a complete plant based diet is full of benefit, but has few inconvenient. It may lead to various vitamin deficiency like Vit B12 and D, lack of protein, and calcium and iron shortage. Above all, it can also be pretty inconvenient to eat out, not all the restaurants offer vegan or vegetarian options. Besides these options generally tend be quite unhealthy on a daily basis. However, a plant based diet can be really healthy if conducted smartly. Indeed, rich in fibers, it is a good approach to maintain a healthy weight and reduce blood cholesterol. Furthermore, since a vegan diet is rich in vegetables, it is also rich in a lot of vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants essential to our body.

Flexitarism The Answer?

I will say yes, a vegan diet is not easy to adopt in the heat of the moment. Instead, a flexitarian diet, provides you all the benefits of a vegan diet with the advantage of eating occasionally animals products. You can rule your own diet, I personally eat animal products here and there, or when I have a huge craving. I generally do not eat meat but I do eat seafood or fish  because I like the taste of it. So when I do eat it, I choose organic products from local farmers, to respect my beliefs. Animal products can be quite expensive, so if you eat less of them, you are able to afford better quality. Even more than quality, you can choose their origin and make sure these animals have been treating well!Flexitarism


Flexitarism is a good alternative if you don’t want, or are not ready to be a full vegetarian. It provides you the full benefits of a plant based diet without the downsides, possible deficiencies or difficulties to eat out. However, if your belief leads you toward a vegetarian diet, you should totally go for it and get in contact with a nutritionist to learn how to balance this diet correctly.  Nevertheless, I will completely recommend to any newbie vegetarian to take it easy, and allow to him/herself few deviations. At the beginning, I was eating way much more meat, and now, I almost feel like a full vegetarian. Now, I don’t want to eat meat, I practically don’t want to eat fish or seafood, so I highly reduced my food footprint over 2 years. Thus, are you ready to start your flexitarian journey?

Fill up this questionary about footprint in UK: http://footprint.wwf.org.uk/, it will let you know your impact on our planet and how you could lower it.

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