It is 12 am, you have just woken up, your head and your belly are upside down. You still wonder how did you make it home…You obviously had too much to drink. As your day is starting, you regret every toast of foie gras, salmon, cheese that you ate. You feel fat and heavy but 2018 is starting and it must be your year!

Does this story remind you someone? was it you, yesterday?

I may overemphasize, however, I know that it happened to most of us yesterday. Don’t worry, that’s fine, with a little detox everything will fade away… WRONG!

It will of course help you to feel better faster, especially if you ate too fat and drink too much. Even so, don’t expect to slim down, a detox is not a diet. If you are looking to lose weight, contact me, and we will figure out the appropriate diet according to your goals. However, a small detox – from 2 days to a week, may be beneficial to clean your body. Here are my top 6 rules for any detox.

Don’t starve yourself

Your body received enough toxine during your excess, you don’t need to add more struggle.

You are not gonna lose weight in 1 week, and if yes, it will be mainly water and muscle. Hence, eat good portions, full of natural and nutritious food.

Drink a lot

Drink a lot of water, tea, vegetable juice, broth instead of alcohol. You need to rehydrate yourself since alcohol reduce your body water stock. Then, I will highly recommend homemade vegetable juices, rich in vitamins, minerals and low in sugar.

Vegetable juice


Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are full of water, the key component to eliminate body waste. Moreover, they are full of good nutrients to nourish your body and replenish your battery.


Avoid Fried Food, Dairy Products And Any Saturated Fat

Some people say that eating fat food its the best way to recover from hangover… In my point of view, it is the worst thing you could do to your body. It is already hard for your body to manage your excess, don’t add more work to it. By avoiding fat food, you reduce stomachache and digestion issues.

Fast food


Obviously, your body need some rest to recover. Sleep a little bit more, take a nap, or enjoy a warm bath instead of rushing back to work, sport and party.


As you may know, eating fat or proceed food or drinking alcohol affects negatively our skin. Sweating will help to clean your skin and get rid of the toxines. Don’t over workout, your body is already tired but go for a small run, a high pace walk or take a warm bath.

So Detox or not Detox

There are no scientific datas on the detox diet efficiency. However, I truly believe that a small detox following the previous principles, is a good way to recover after holidays celebration. So, DETOX but exceptionally, do not make an habit of it. A healthy diet and lifestyle is the best way to live longer and better.

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2 thoughts on “6 Detox Keys To Purify Your Body After NYE”

  1. Happy new year Pascaline, wish you all the best for 2018 ! and…

    ..Long life to nutrispirit, plenty of good tips and advices to stay (or become) fit.

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