Spring Vegetables

Spring is here, sun is showing up and incredible vegetables are appearing on our stalls. Asparagus, dandelion, rhubarb and radish are freshly harvested and ready to be consumed. As I said in my previous article, when you eat seasonally, vegetables and fruits are tasty, rich in vitamins, and respond to our seasonal nutrition needs. Eating seasonally also signifies: acting good for out planet.


Asparagus Nutrispirit
Asparagus classic spring vegetables

White, purple or green asparagus are delicatessen you must enjoy this spring. Make sure to buy fresh ones and to eat them within 3 days. That is the best way to conserve all their properties. Because nutritionally speaking, asparagus are really interesting

They are low in calories, only 26kcal/100g and have a protein content equivalent to their carbohydrate content of 2,5g protein/100g. This number is quite high compare to other vegetables.


Besides, asparagus are rich in Vit B9 with 30% RDA/100g. This vitamin is essential to pregnant woman but also to all of us to renew our genetic material.

Moreover, they are a good source of Vit C, essential to improve iron absorption and to create collagen.

Last thing, asparagus contain a good amount of soft fibers, well tolerated by our intestins.


Most of us are not aware that dandelions are eatable material, but they truly are. In my family we were used to pick them up in my aunt garden and to make a giant mixed salad that we were sharing all together. I promise to share this recipe really soon!


If you wonder where to find dandelion wild leaves, don’t worry anymore. They are easy to find everywhere in Europe. Try to pick them up far away from polluted area, to avoid contamination.

Why do I truly recommend to add them to your diet? Simply because they possess amazing nutritional properties.

Dandelions are rich in protein: 2.9g/100g, twice more than any traditional lettuce. They are also rich in fibers 2,7g/100g, as a reminder fibers make you feel full, facilitate digestion and act as prebiotic.

But their exceptional contribution appears in their micronutrients ressources:

With just 100g of raw dandelions, you will cover 120% of your Vit A Recommended Daily Allowance. You will also get an excellent shot of Vit C, Vit E, Vit B6, Vit B1, iron and potassium, enough to cover at least 20% of your daily needs.

Last reason to adopt these curious leaves, dandelions have the highest polyphenol content among all the vegetables.



Originally from Asia, Rhubarb is a little known plant (not a fruit actually) with an interesting acidic and sweet taste that makes excellent desserts.

The rhubarb plant is extremely rich in calcium with 145mg Ca / 100g, even more than 100g of yogurt!  As a vegan, you should definitely consider to include this plant into your diet. It also contains a good fiber amount with 2g/100g, essencial to regulate  your transit.


It exists many radish variety, Japanese radish, mini pink radish and black radish are the most famous ones. Mini pink radishes are typical spring vegetables. When you buy them, it is better to eat them as fast as possible since they lose their taste as time goes.


Low in calories: 11Kcal/100g and rich in water, I will definitely recommend to use it as a snack or as a healthy starter. You can just clean and eat them with a inch of salt to appreciate plenty their taste.

Radishes are also a good source of selenium and Vit C, which gives us one more reason to include them in our diet.

Important point: Radishes leaves are eatable, so don’t throw them away, cook them as a soup or as a side.








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