Spring is here, sun is showing up, and incredible fruits are appearing on our stalls. Strawberries, cherries and pomelos are freshly harvest and are ready to be consumed. When you eat seasonally, vegetables and fruits are tasty, rich in vitamins, and respond to our seasonal nutrition needs. Eating seasonally also signifies: acting good to our planet. Furthermore, there is no need to refrigerate these products for months, transport them from thousands miles away or to over use energy and water to produce them.

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Therefore, I decided to establish a list of 9 fruits and vegetables that are excellent to eat in spring for our health, wallet and environment. This week, I will introduce 3 vital fruits to have in your pantry this spring.



First thing, buy it organic: according to the Environmental Working Group USA, strawberries belong to the top 12 products contaminated by chemicals.

On a weight loss perspective, strawberries are excellent, they are rich in water (90%) and low in calories, only 35Kcal/10g. I will definitely recommend it to get a nice beach body!

Rich in Vitamin C: 68mg/100g -> 85% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA), which makes it one of the best sources among other fruits. Vit C is essential to boost your immune system and to improve iron absorption by your body.

Rich in vitamin B9: 70,5 µg/100g  -> 35% RDA.  As a reminder, Vit B9 is essential to pregnant women. Now you may have an idea why strawberries are always associate to them.

Finally, strawberries are a modest source of polyphenol and manganese.


Cherry is one of the the highest polyphenol content’s fruit, directly after black-current. With approximatively 621,88 mg/100g, 6 times more than the strawberries. Polyphenol helps you to prevent oxidative stress and so, reduce your chance to develop metabolic disease and cancer.

However, cherry is also a fruit rich in sugar, so you should control yourself while eating it. Moreover, I do not recommend it to diabetic people, due to its high capacity to increase blood sugar level.

Cherries are also an interesting source of selenium (100g cherries will provide around 20% RDA). Selenium is known to improve your: hair quality, nail quality, immune system, and sperm genesis.



Do not confound pomelo with grapefruit, they both have their own identity. Pomelo is the only citrus fruit that is not originated from Asia. Instead, it comes from the Bahamas, and it is now cultivated in all the regions of the world.

Pomelos are rich in water and low in calories 35Kcal/100g which is excellent if you want to keep a skinny waist. Personally, I love to eat it on late spring days, when heat is kicking and I need a refreshing snack or dessert.

As many citrus fruits, pomelo are a wonderful Vit C source: 40.9mg/100g so that’s cover 51,13 % RDA.

Pomelo is also an other source of selenium, with 10 µg/100g, around 18% RDA.

Careful, Pomelo possess a specific action on transplant medication. If you do use this medication, you must not eat it in any occasion.


The nature is well done, seasonal fruits are responding to your natural body needs. Each of these 3 spring fruits that I introduced, brings essential Vitamins and elements to your body. You should particularly consume them in spring because they grow naturally and have a richer nutritional value.

So try to eat local, organic and seasonally as much as you can, your body will thank you warmly.

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