Summer is coming and you just realized that you may have eaten too much  confort food this winter. Don’t worry here is the perfect exercise to burn out these extra calories: Burpees. Burpees were invented in 1930’s by the physiologist Royal H. Burpee; Their goal: assess individual general fitness. More than just a test, burpees are also an excellent exercise to work on strength, endurance and cardio.

A Full Body Exercise

Burpees phases and muscle activation. ADOBE STOCK

Burpees makes you work on your upper and lower body. They also clearly engage your core since you need to keep all your balance during the full exercise. As a reminder, it is essential  to build up muscle in order to lose body fat. So, since burpees build up muscles everywhere on your body, they are perfect to tone-up.

Excellent To Burn Calories

I have seen many people spending hours on the treadmill with great hope to lose fat. Of course, long endurance training is excellent to burn fat but not everyone can dedicate  1h/3x per week in the gym. That’s why burpees are an excellent alternative. Fast paced and dynamic, they will burn calories way faster than a slow pace workout. By repeating few burpees in the row, your heart rate will skyrocket (even more if you are not use to it), then if you repeat it 2-3 times with a rest period, you will feel the exercise! This is called: Hight Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and it’s known as one of the best way to lose body fat.

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 Easy To Do Anywhere/Anytime

As a said before, exercising can be time consuming. A quick burpees HIIT will take you from 4min to 20min and will give you quick results. Moreover, this exercise does not require any specific fitness material. On a daily routine, it is easy to wake up, warm up and start a little session of 10 minute burpees with quick rest in between.

A Bunch Of Variations

Never boring, you can realize this exercise in many ways! Here are few classic and useful example to make it easier, harder or funnier.

Burpees push-ups: Add a push up while you are performing the plank

Burpees 180: Realize a 180 jump instead of a regular jump

Donkey Kick Burpees: Go for a half plank and from there get into a handstand position

Burpees scissor Plank:  Add a scissor kick movement while in plank position

Burpees jump squat: Add a regular jump when you stand up.

If you would like to know more burpees variations or more explanation about burpees, leave a comment on this article. I will be more than happy to create more content about this exercise to help others to practice it more safely and efficiently.


Losing weight is not easy and there are many ways to make it. Burpees, are an excellent exercise to burn fat, so you should definitely incorporate it in your workouts. However, they are not magics too; in order to constantly improve your results , you will need to regularly modify and increase your workout. That’s why I will recommend to contact a professional coach. First to define a workout adapted to you, but also to settle an appropriate diet according to your goals. You will get faster and longer results.

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  1. I found this article really interesting. I’m gonna include the burpees more in my daily rutin:) thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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