Our typical diet generally does not incorporate beans. We’d rather have a big piece of meat, fish or poultry instead of these small gold nuggets. Even though beans can take time to cook and imply few incontinences… They are full of health benefits for kids and adults.

Multicolor Beans


Beans are extremely rich in fibers, with an average of 10g of fibers / 100g. They contain soluble and insoluble fibers,  essentials to trap dietary cholesterol and regulate intestinal transit. Furthermore, studies have shown that fiber intake is associated with a lower body weight. Scientist are still unsure of the reason why, but apparently it will be link to their power of satiety. However, weight loss results may differ according to your own intestinal bacterias.

Weight loss results

Last thing, fibers are generally not digested by our body, which means each gram of fibers brings no or few extra calories!

Plant Based Protein

It is essential for Vegetarian and Vegan to find good plant protein sources. Beans contain approximatively 9g of protein /100g cooked.

Beans Protein / 100g cooked
Black beans 8.9g
White beans 7g
Garbanzo Beans 9g

As a matter of fact, bean proteins are not complete, they lack of few essentials Amino Acids (Amino Acids are the small components forming proteins). But associated with cereals ( rice, pasta, potatoes…) your body will received all the essential amino acid needed.

couscous and chickpeas

Important fact, beans are affordable proteins! So replace your meat, fish and poultry by beans and you will save extra money $.

Complex Carbs

Beans are good source of complex carbohydrates, around 20g / 100g. Complex carbohydrates have low impact on blood sugar level. It is particularly interesting for people with weight loss issue or diabetes. Furthermore, beans contain almost no pure sugar, a molecule omnipresent in our food but not beneficial for our health.

no sugar

Low in Fat and Ø Cholesterol

Around 1g Fat / 100g cooked and the majority of this fat is unsaturated.

Beans Bag

Above all, beans do not contain any cholesterol unlike animal products. Even though cholesterol is an essential molecule for our body, we tend to eat to much of it. High level of bad cholesterol may lead to cardio vascular disease, heart attacks and strokes.

High In Vitamins And Minerals

Most types of beans are good sources of potassium, a mineral known to regulate the balance of acids and bases in the body. They are also excellent sources of copper, phosphorus, manganese and magnesium.

beans in their pods

Beyonds, beans are rich in iron, a mineral mostly present in animal sources and essential to our body. That’s why, beans are fundamental in any vegans and vegetarians diet.

Lastly, Beans are excellent  natural source of the water-soluble vitamins: B1, B9, B2 and B6.


Hence, don’t think twice and incorporate them into your diet!


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